Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bachelorette Party in Newport

I just got back from an AMAZING weekend in Newport for Bride #6's bachelorette party. There were thirteen of us (including) the bride, and it went so smoothly! Bride #6 is probably the biggest partier of all of my brides, and we always thought we would definitely be going to Vegas for her. (Or New Orleans, because this bride would definitely get lots of beads, if you know what I mean). However- this isn't the economic environment where we can all drop a grand on a bachelorette party, when many of us are getting laid off, or taking pay cuts. So, we promised Bride #6 that we would go out of town, and we did. We did it in a really fun yet economical way.

Instead of doing the usual NYC summer escape like Fire Island, the Hamptons, or Jersey Shore- we went up to Newport, RI. Newport was just a 3 1/2 hour drive away, and a really cute little town. We found a gorgeous house to rent, that fit all 13 of us (very) comfortably. The house had everything we needed, including a fantastic outdoor pool and hot tub. We were only a few blocks from town, so were able to walk to our delicious and reasonable seafood dinner. There was a club in the basement of the restaurant, so we knew exactly where to go after eating, and the restaurant even reserved a table for us. The restaurant had been recommended, and we chose the club not only because of its proximity to dinner, but because it was called The Boom Boom Room, and how do you not go to a club with that name for a party animal bride? We had so much fun there, that we stayed until the bar closed (which isn't too hard in Newport, since the bars all close at 1 AM!)

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out at the house. We brought in bagels Saturday morning, and hung out by the pool eating chips and dip and drinking bloody marys and margaritas all day. The MOH and I collected money from everyone in advance and stocked the house with all of the food and necessities for the weekend. We bar-b-qued hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner and hung out in the house all night. We took advantage of the different rooms and had different activities and games all night long celebrating the bride.

I was nervous that we weren't going out enough for the bride, but she was so appreciative of 12 of her friends all coming out for her and celebrating her all weekend. She was so excited to just spend such quality time with her closest friends- and it was so nice to hear that. You could really tell she was so warmed and ecstatic all weekend, it makes all of your planning and hard work feel rewarded. She told us it was the best weekend of her life, but we told her, we're glad to hear that now, but hope the wedding is even better!

Happy Bridesmaiding!


Anonymous said...

Where did you find a rental

superbridesmaid said...

Hi there! Thanks for asking. The MOH actually found this house and she used www.vrbo.com.

It's vacation rentals by owner. they have it for every state, every city all over the country. And to quote her, "It's awesome. You can sort by price, how many it sleeps, etc."

Good luck in your search and Happy Bridesmaiding!

sonia said...

Hi! I'm actually planning a bachelorette party this August in Newport. Do you have any information on this house so that I may contact them?
Thanks! =)

stevenjared0853 said...

It is an amazing write up. Good to know about your experience there. From Eventup.com I recently booked one of the local Venues in NYC for my sister’s surprise bachelorette bash. She loves Oscar so it will be an Oscar themed bash. I hope she would love my surprise.