Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bachelorette Party Tips

One of my friends and co-bridesmaids in two weddings writes a weekly blog for We TV about planning her own wedding. This week she talks about Bride #6's Bachelorette Party in Newport (mentioned below) and gives some great Bachelorette Party tips!

You should definitely check it out!

Happy Bridesmaiding!


Marissa said...

SO COOL! Amazing blog. I am so happy you are writing this. You really are SuperBridesmaid, and you have a million and one amazing bridesmaid ideas!

Susan said...

Hi Michelle, Thanks so much for your suggestions on my shower gift. Now it's time for the bachelorette party! My friend is not into any kind of crazy activities (i.e. no kissing strange boys) but we'd like to make it a fun and special night out. Any ideas? Thanks again!

superbridesmaid said...

Hi Marissa, Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad you like the blog and hope it gives you some helpful hints.

Hi Susan, Thank you so much for your comment. There are definitely some low key and inexpensive activities you can do. One example is to assign everyone in the bachelorette party a word (i.e. wedding, bachelorette, groom's name, etc). They need to "monitor" the bride all night, and if she says that word, both that person and the bride need to take a drink. Or, if everyone at the party doesn't know each other well, a great icebreaker is to tell a story about you and the bride. They can be funny, sexy or sappy. It's up to you to set the mood! I also have some other great ideas that involve a little bit more information or customization such as Bachelorette MadLibs personalized just for your bride! Email me directly at for prices and more information.

Happy Bridesmaiding to you both!