Monday, November 7, 2011

Make-Up Comes To You!

A few weeks ago, I was on my own to get primped for Wedding #9. I used Lifebooker to schedule a cheap and easy blowout, as my hair is relatively easy to style. I'm a little more particular about my make-up, and have had a few bad experiences at department store counters. Lucky for me, a colleague of mine is a freelance make-up artist and so I had her "put my face on." She even came directly to my apartment, so I was able to get ready in the comfort of my own home. As usual, I was running late, booking my appointments too close together, so this was an added bonus that I didn’t need to run all over the city to get ready.

Clara Isabella showed up at my apartment on time and was immediately ready to go. She had already asked the color of my dress and came prepared with a color palette designed just for me. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about make-up applications, but we had fun talking about her experiences on fashion shoots. She has a variety of different products- finding the right shade and fit for all of her different clients. She was extremely meticulous, making sure every last detail (including my fun false lashes) was applied perfectly.
What makes her a little different from other make-up artists? Well, we all know that when you get your makeup done at noon for a 7:00 wedding, you’ll need a few touch ups. Clara actually helped me look through my own stash of lipsticks, and together we picked out the right shade (and a small enough container) to fit in my bag for the evening. I must admit, that for once it was nice not to be pressured to buy anything, and I loved that she used my own supplies to do my lips! It was a color I knew that I already liked, and looked good on me.

Clara’s eye and artistic talents were spot on, as I got compliments all night long. And as you can see, at the end of the night- my make-up was still looking great!

In addition to day of wedding make-up, Clara Isabella is available for all of your wedding related festivities and special events. (She even does hair too!). For more information, contact or 908.868.0612.

Happy Bridesmaiding!