Saturday, January 7, 2012

SuperBridesmaid becomes....SUPERBRIDE!

This post is a little bit delayed, but I figured that's it never too late to share good news! On Friday, November 25th- my boyfriend J popped question, and asked me to marry to him!

After a long day of shopping on Black Friday with my mom and sister, I walked in to my apartment ready to crash. J told me he got me a present, and to take a look at the coffee table. I saw a big unwrapped box, sat on the couch and began to open it. It was a snow globe! I collect them, so he knows I love receiving them. This one had a picture frame inside the globe, and while one side had a picture of us, the other side said, "Michelle, Will You Marry Me?" I was completely surprised, just the way he wanted it to be. I started crying, looked up and he was down on one knee, with the most beautiful ring that he picked out himself. He turned on the TV and there were pictures of us, our song was playing, and once again it said "Michelle, Will You Marry Me?" It may sound a bit cheesy to you, but everything was perfect and so "us".

Later that night we celebrated with our families with a champagne toast and dinner. The next night my sister organized a celebration with all of our friends for engagement drinks.

I hope you don't mind that if for the next year, some posts actually pertain to my own wedding planning. But I'll make sure to also include some of the great ideas that I know my superbridesmaids are sure to have. They started off my engagement year exceeding my expectations with fabulous OMG! You Just Got Engaged Gifts, and I wanted to share them with all of my readers here.

A magazine, ring dish & wedding cake notepad- all wrapped up in a gift that looked like a wedding cake!A scrapbook page to kickoff our wedding scrapbook
A 2012 calendar filled with pictures of us to document all of the momentous occasions in our wedding year. I personally love the picture on my birthday!

Quintessential planning magazines & personalized wedding organizers. Everything a girl needs to start planning!

Magazines & "Say Yes to The Dress" book from Mom & Dad, including a poem inside!

A customized LOVEOPOLY board with our pictures. All of the "properties" pertain to us and our cute! Can't decide if we want to play it or frame it!

Personalized M&Ms in our wedding colors with our names and picture!
Personalized Notebooks to keep all of my planning notes in. So handy to keep with me!

By the way, just wanted to share that as I approach double digits (this will be my tenth wedding that I'm in!), it's only appropriate that the wedding is my own!

Happy New Year, Happy Bridesmaiding, and Happy Brideing! (my new verb for wedding planning)