Thursday, May 21, 2009

LL Bean Bags

As many of you know, I am a big fan of giving LL Bean Boat & Tote bags with the bride's new initials as part of the shower gift. I recently did this for Bride #6. When I got an e-mail after I placed the order that the color I chose was now out of stock- I wasn't happy. I called LL Bean, and they were so great and accommodating! I had originally ordered the medium bag with long handles, and they were totally out of purple mediums- so they gave me the large purple bag and didn't charge me for shipping. It ended up being cheaper than the medium with shipping! Then, since I was a novice at ordering the large bag (the medium with long handles is my usual standard)- I ordered the large bag with the long handles rather than the standard handles. Bride #6 is about 5'1", so the long handles on the large bag were WAY too big. The bag started at her waist! No problem though, I called LL Bean and even though the bag was monogrammed, I can exchange it for a new one! Plus, they're shipping the new one out with free shipping and all I have to pay for is the shipping to send the old one back. Fabulous! Lessons learned from this experience? A) When ordered Boat & Tote bags go with either the medium bag and long handles or large bag and standard handles and B) Always go with a reputable established company. Don't cheap out and order an imitation Boat & Tote bag on a cheapie website...go for the real thing. Their customer service was impeccable and they have super fast shipping!!!

Happy Bridesmaiding!

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