Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Destination Bachelorette Party- Where To Go?

Happy New Year! SuperBridesmaid is officially back, apologizes for her hiatus and ready to kick off 2011. How else to I plan to start the year, well- with at least 5 weddings this year and most likely, my 9th time being a bridesmaid. One of my best friend sinces I am six years old (she sat behind me in first grade and likes to tell people how she cleaned out my desk) got engaged a few months ago and is now planning a fall NYC wedding.

We were chatting the other day, and of course being the super planner that I am, started asking about her bachelorette party (even before I’ve been asked to stand up on her big day). She told me she’d love a girls’ getaway weekend. Her parents have a house in the Hamptons, our other best friend’s parents have a house in the Berkshires, and we used to do a share in Fire Island, so all of those places have been eliminated because she rather do something new and exciting. So it’s time to put my thinking cap on! I’ve definitely done a few destination bachelorette parties in my time—we went back to our college alma mater (Indiana University in Bloomington, IN) for Bride #3; Long Branch, NJ for Bride #4, Chicago, IL for Bride #5 (destination for me, most of the wedding party lived there), and Newport, RI for Bride #6 so this is not a new concept.

Once my friend asks her bridesmaids, we’ll be able to get together and start brainstorming. I know we’ll find the right type of place, that’s not too sceney, doesn’t rely on a beach as the sole form of entertainment, and is easy enough to get to. Wherever we decide, I know that when it comes time to go, I’ll have a hard time taking a small suitcase! Packing the penis straws and bachelorette balloons is the easy part, but deciding what outfits to chose may be a harder feat (I love having options!). I’ll absolutely turn to my friend Rachel’s amazing new blog- Suitcase Secrets, which gives fantastic fashion and travel advice, she’ll help you pack the best outfits for any destination. Rachel beats me out as she’s been a BM 14 times, has been on numerous destination bachelorette parties (and even gives great advice on them here) and we’ve “served” together 3 times (more than any of my other co-BMs) so we make an awesome team. I’ll keep you posted on what we decide, but please let me know your favorite bachelorette destination spots. Happy Bridesmaiding!

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