Sunday, January 30, 2011

Personal Wedding Planners

As I mentioned early on, before I buy my brides official engagement gifts off their registry, I love to present them with an "OMG! You just got engaged!!!!" gift. My go to standard is a Martha Stewart wedding planner customized with the bride & groom's name. I like this planner because it's actually a binder so you can take things in and out, and add more folders or pages to the binder. Plus, it's one of the few out there that has a blank cover for me to be able to personalize.

It all started when Bride #2 got engaged, because in college, she never used notebooks, she always loved binders. So this gift was part useful but also a little bit of an inside joke. However, she found it so helpful that I've given it many times since.

Pictured here is what I gave to Work Bride #2 when she got engaged. Nope, I'm not a BM, but both Work Bride #1 and I are so close with her that we wanted to get her a little something. You'll notice we also included a Moleskine pocket journal. Work Bride #1 suggested this, as she found it so useful in her planning. It's small enough for any bride to keep with her at all times, so whenever she thinks of something for her to do list, or a great song to play at the reception, etc, she can jot it down in her special wedding notebook. Purple is Work Bride #2's favorite color and the color of her wedding, but since it was unavailable, we got pink to keep it bridal.

What do you think? Have you ever given or received any favorite "OMG! You just got engaged!!!!" gifts? Happy Bridesmaiding!

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