Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's Cookie Time

At the first bridal shower I ever attended, I was not a bridesmaid. I was 23 years old and new to the wedding circuit, but it was where my creativity started to flourish. It was a childhood friend getting married, and I was chipping in for the gift with three other childhood friends. We didn't really understand why someone would want tons of pots, pans and other kitchen goodies- so we wanted to do something a little more special and personal so that she would look at it and think of us.

This was a perfect opportunity to buy her some gifts off the registry- but then add some fun items as well. So we bought her everything she needed to bake off her registry, including cookie sheets, measuring cups, rolling pins, etc. She really appreciated that because it was a lot of little things that people tend to neglect (it's much easier to buy a $40 serving piece then 8 $5 items). Then, we added in some fun cookie cutters (not something you typically buy yourself) and a cookbook dedicated purely to making cookies. Our main gift was a really fun taxi cab cookie jar to keep on her counter.

Why a taxi cab, you ask? Well, the five of us had always taken dance classes together- and always had these crazy outlandish recital costumes. One of our most famous was when the recital's theme was "New York City" and our costume was taxi cab drivers. This way, we knew the bride would always think of her dance class friends when she saw the cookie jar. Having trouble finding a cookie jar in the shape of something that reminds the bride of you? Just try these personalized cookie jars that you can customize with the bride's new name. They make the perfect gift for the bride who loves to bake!

Just click on the pictures above to order the cookie jars.

Happy Bridesmaiding!

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