Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bridal Underwear Makes A Great Gift!

One of my favorite gifts to give a bride is underwear. It could be for her "OMG! You just got engaged!" gift, part of her shower gift, or part of the lingerie shower/honeymoon gift game at her bachelorette party. It's always a great gift, because not only do they make a festive commerative of the big day, but they can still be used after that. Everyone can always use an extra pair of undies as it helps push off doing laundy for one extra day.

When your bride gets engaged, you can rush on over with a cute white lacy pair that says "bride" or a blue "I Do" (check that "something" off the list!) for her to wear on the big day. Everyone's favorite thongs, Hanky Panky, has a whole bridal offering and are even offering free shipping on their new website through 12/31/09. I highly recommend checking out their bridal selection. They are so comfortable, and all of our lingerie drawers are stocked with them anyway- so why not get her favorites for her big day? Anyone who attended Bride #6's wedding, got a little show of her bridal Hanky Pankys all weekend long!

As you know from previous posts, I am a big fan of "the honeymoon gift bag" gift for the shower, and love adding in personalized undies, that say "Mrs. Groom's Last Name." All of my brides' husbands have loved seeing their name in rhinestones across their new bride's tush. I prefer to do this on boy shorts (gives you more room!), and this pair from is my go to. If you don't have time to get it personalized (don't worry, SuperBridesmaid sometimes procrastinates too!), then I recommend this pair of "Just Married" boyshorts from

Is your bride a little racier? She might prefer something with a bit of a joke like the options from but note to self, keep this pair for the bachelorette party. Your bride might die of embarrassment (or never forgive you) if she opens up a pair of thongs that say "Groom's playground" in front of her boss, grandmother, and future mother-in-law. Pairs like this are like penis straws, and meant for our generation's eyes only.

Do you have any favorite pairs to give your brides?
Happy Bridesmaiding!

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