Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cooking Class Bachelorette Parties

For those of you who read the Styles section today, you may have come across this interesting article-- Bachelorette Cooking Parties (Girls Gone Mild!). The article talks about the surge of more mild bachelorette parties that entail cooking classes instead of strip clubs. We did this three years ago for Bride #3, and it was such a hit. I highly reccomend this activity for your more tame brides, who may not be in to taking shots and staying out all night.

We went to Miette's Culinary Studio in the West Village. It was an adorable little kitchen and dining room. We split up in to groups and were all responsible for different courses. It's BYOB, so we were able to keep costs down by picking up a few bottles of Two Buck Chuck, and of course brought some festive bachelorette decorations (i.e. mardi gras beads, penis straws, etc). After we cooked, we were able to relax and enjoy our delicious meal and great company as we were served by Miette's staff, and then they took care of cleaning up. We all got copies of the menu and recipe to take home with us.

You can make this even more fun by making custom aprons for the group. Bride #3's father is in the premiums business, so he made all of us aprons that say "Not milk?" because Groom #3 has a severe lactose allergy. The bride had a special apron that said "Groom #3's Chef". We all had a great time at our custom dinner, enjoy some of the pictures from the night below!

In addition to the places listed in the article, I have also heard really great things about the DJ Chef who comes to you and plays awesome party music while cooking up a storm.
Have you ever done a cooking bachelorette party? Would you? What do you think?
Happy Bridesmaiding!


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