Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match!

Well, it’s official! SuperBridesmaid has broadened her scope of skills and can now add “matchmaking” to my resume of wedding-related talents. I have my first official successful match, as a couple I set up almost 2 ½ years ago got engaged Sunday night!

In October of 2007, I went to my friend (we’ll call him “D”)’s birthday party. I had known D for about 5 years, but never met his sister, I, until that night. We were in the minority that night, as the party was primarily male-dominated (not that I was complaining), so ended up spending a lot of time chatting. We totally hit it off. The next day, I happened to be talking to one of my best friends, S, and she was telling me a story about one of her closest guy friends, G. I knew G through S, and we both had share houses in Fire Island over the past summer, so we would sometimes hang out there together. Since I had spent some time with G at the bars in Fire Island, he had told me what he was looking for in a girl, and had described his type to me.

As S told me the story about G- an idea popped into my head. I asked her if G would trust me to set him up, because I had met a girl the night before I thought he would like. She asked me about her, and I told her everything I knew about I. S said it sounded like a good idea, and she would talk to G for me. In the mean time, I called D nd said “Is your sister dating anyone?” When he responded that she wasn’t- I said “Even though I only met her briefly, do you think she’d be interested in a a guy I want to set her up with?" D asked me a few questions about the guy in mind, and asked if he had my “seal of approval”. I assured him that he did. So even though I only met I briefly, she was open-minded and trusted her brother, who trusted me.

I gave I’s contact information to G and they immediately hit it off. I can’t explain what made me get the feeling that they would be a good pair. They were the same age, they had gone to the same business school, they were the same religion (important to both), and I just thought that their personalities would mesh. Apparently I was right! Some people even think they look alike, so maybe that was it too.

Whatever my “feeling” was, it worked, and now they are as happy as can be. So, congrats to I and G- and I hope you (and your BMs) will be reading SuperBridesmaid during the wedding planning process!

Happy Bridesmaiding!

PS- D and S deserve some of the credit too! If I hadn’t been friends with both of them, and if they didn’t serve as my “messengers”, this wouldn’t have happened!

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