Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Custom Cocktails

What's one of the most important aspects of a bachelorette party? If you answered drinking- you are correct. And what's more fun and festive than having a custom cocktail for your bride-to-be? Here's a chance for you to be creative and use her personality and name to make the drink apropos.

I got this idea from my friend Katie's sister. Katie always signs her name "KT" in e-mails, and her MOH used it at her bachelorete party by serving everyone "K-Tinis." The first time I made a custom cocktail was this past summer at Bride #6's bachelorette prty. Her name is Stephanie, so I served "Stepha-tinis." We bought her a plastic martini glass with a veil, and plain ones for the rest of us. I got a recipe from Work Bride #2 and made a delicious beverage that consisted of Nuvo and champagne. The drink was festively pink and bubbly and got us all off to a good start for the night!

For Bride #7's Bachelorette Party- we did something a little different. Bride #7 used to have an alter-ego in college when she had a few drinks in her. Her friends called her "Lucy" when she got like this, which was short for "Lucifer." For this custom cocktail, we filled a punch bowl with Skip-N-Go-Naked (pink lemonade, cheap beer, and cheap gin) and called it "The Lucy Inducer." After all- it was only appropriate that Lucy reappear on Bride #7's last night out as a single lady. (And no, she did not skip, nor did she go naked that night, but Lucy did come out!)

So my advice is to use your friend's name, personality traits or even future name to come up with a fun drink name. Use her favorite color or just use pink to go with the bachelorette party decorations. And if all else fails, you can always just call it a COCKtail and drink it with fun straws.
Happy Bridesmaiding!


Harriet said...

Dear Bridesmaid Guru . . . one day I can only hope to take all your wonderful advice and share it with my own children. You are incredible and opened my eyes to a new phenomenon . . . a major fan in Atlanta

superbridesmaid said...

Thanks, Harriet! I know that you must have been a "SuperBridesmaid" to my mom circa 1973 and one day your daughter will be one too. And thanks for all of the cool photography and video making skills you've taught me over the years.
Happy Bridesmaiding!

Harriet said...

Dear . . . Dear SuperBridesmaid,

You have made me so proud . . . your photographic techniques . . . your creativity . . . the fact that I could have played a small part thrills me to no end !