Friday, December 11, 2009

Jersey Girl Gets a Jersey

Anyone who knows me knows that I love giving personalized gifts at a bridal shower, and rarely buy anything off the registry. Leave that to the groom's mom's friends who barely know your BFF. If you don’t get her something special and personal, who will? Bride #3 recently went to a shower, and told me about such a cute and original gift, that I had to write about it!
The bride is a Jersey girl (what up Garden State?!) who moved to Long Island when she moved in with her fiancĂ©. Apparently, he’s also a big hockey fan, and like any good Nassau county resident- a diehard Islanders fan with season tickets. His loyalty for his favorite team rubbed off on his soon-to-be-bride throughout the course of their relationship, and one of her BMs took notice. Instead of buying her bride another vase, serving piece or place setting, this creative BM ordered the bride a personalized NY Islanders jersey- the back had her first initial and new last name on it. (Props to the BM for putting the first initial so the groom didn’t try to steal it!).
According to my sources, the bride was ecstatic and could not stop gushing over this extra special and clever gift. She can’t wait to wear it to a game and proudly display her new name. I thought this would be helpful to all of my followers because I think we all know a girl whose fiancĂ© is a little sports addicted. And if you can’t beat ‘em, you might as well join ‘em (and look good doing it!).

Happy Bridesmaiding!

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